The St. Louis Regional Data Exchange (RDX) is a unified open data portal for the St. Louis Region. On this site, you will find publicly available data from all over the St. Louis area, compiled and documented by the St. Louis Regional Data Alliance. Our vision for the RDX is to be a one-stop-shop for public community data in St. Louis, helping people find data on local government and nonprofit websites — or uploaded onto the RDX directly. The RDX carries forward work that OneSTL initially launched in 2013 in partnership with East-West Gateway and St. Louis University. Both the name and the goal of the effort — to bring regional data together in one easy-to-use platform — continues with the RDX.

The RDA’s mission is to build shared data infrastructure and support data actors who use quality data to improve the lives of others. The organizations featured on the RDX are members and partners of the RDA. Data is sourced directly from these organizations’ own public websites and are hyperlinked to the source. The RDX does not intend to replace these sites, but increase visibility of local data and make it easier to find and compare. Daugherty Business Solutions played a crucial role assisting in the aggregation of these data. Missouri Foundation for Health provided essential funding for this effort.

The St. Louis Regional Data Exchange was built using the DKAN Open Data Platform and we’re happy to share about how to use this software to stand up your own open data repository.

We hope that a variety of data users — local governments, community members, nonprofits, activists, and academics — find the RDX valuable. We are also actively working on improving the site, including new datasets and additional features. Please let us know if you have suggestions!